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Deeper conversations

The teenage years can be challenging, but they get unnecessarily difficult when we hide or suppress our feelings. Peer pressure and challenging group dynamics, changing bodies and newfound desires, substance use and getting independence – many forces are at play, and we tend to suffer through it alone. Talking to others who are going through similar experiences can be fun, juicy and extremely liberating. There’s no reason these can’t be the best years ever.

Fun wink

Fun activities

It’s refreshing every now and then to join groups of teens doing something completely different than what you would do with schoolmates. Breaking down unconscious boundaries and self-imposed limits can be scary at first, but gets exciting when done in a group that’s ready for it. We’ll discover that during these years we actually limit our potential quite a bit – life is waiting for us to make the most of it, not in the future, but right now.


Rights of Passage

Ancient traditions honored the transition from childhood to adulthood through rituals that provoked our fears and encouraged the soul to reveal its plans, our higher purpose in life. Our modern rights of learning to drive and going to college sometimes lack the profundity that would really make us grow emotionally and spiritually. It’s time to bring back this ancient wisdom, with a community at your back watching as you embrace your full power as a human being.

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